Industrial Printing offer:

AccurioLabel 190 : AccurioLabel 190: Konica Minolta officially unveils the AccurioLabel 190 digital press. This system meets the need for flexibility in the adhesive label printing market. Its simplicity of use allows a fast integration on the production site/span>

METEOR Unlimited Colors : Digital hot stamping and printing system, unlimited metallic effect colors for differentiating prints. By combining online printing and gilding with the integration of iFOIL multi-award winning technology, METEOR Unlimited Colors delivers high value-added prints in an unlimited number of metallic shades. This effect is achieved by overprinting CMYK over hot foil gilding and taking advantage of the reflective properties of gilding.

The JETvarnish range deposits 2D / 3D UV selective varnish and hot gilding to create tactile effects that enhance the value of printed products by providing a sensory effect.

JETVARNISH 3DS : Developed exclusively for Konica Minolta. It combines MGI UV varnish technology with Konica Minolta inkjet printheads. It is the perfect solution for media sizes 21×30 cm to 36.4×102 cm

JETvarnish 3D Evolution : scalable solution for offset and digital printers wanting a digital finishing solution for formats from B2 to B1

Accurio Jet KM1 : B2 (585 x 750 mm) sheet-fed UV inkjet digital inkjet press

Production Printing Offer

Accurio Press C3080: Imagine a press that meets every need: double-sided banner printing, professional finishing options, high productivity with 80 ppm speed, real-time automated quality settings, excellent image quality and more again. That’s what the AcccurioPress C3080 and C3080P high-speed digital presses offer. These innovative color production devices have all the features that will allow your organization to conquer new markets and find new sources of revenue.

Accurio Press C6100: With impressive print speeds of up to 100 ppm in crisp colors, easy operation and powerful in-line finishing options the AccurioPress C6100 color digital press sets the standard for digital productivity space and saves time and labor costs.

Business hub PRESS C71hc: The brighter the colors, the more the message you transmit makes a mark. Indeed, color plays a vital role in a world saturated with information, where communications abound while moving at a frantic pace. A true revolution, the PRESS C71hc business hub’s HC (High Chroma) toner technology produces beautiful colors of unsurpassed quality.

Web-to-Print Solutions:

  • Accurio Pro Flux Ultimate: The AccurioProFlux Ultimate version includes a Web to Print module that allows print providers to have an online ordering portal.
    AccurioPro Flux Ultimate offers the opportunity for production workshops to offer a powerful and intuitive service, to provide secure access for the submission of work online via a work order, regardless of the terminal (adaptive and responsive design) of the data format or the type of printing system.
  • Digital Store Front: EFI Digital StoreFront® is a flexible e-commerce solution that offers an unparalleled buying experience for print buyers and is designed to win markets, attract new customers and grow your business.
  • Gest @ print: The Web to print application Gest @ Print is the global professional printing solution. It manages the document flow from the order to the billing. Possibility of ordering documents from a catalog and variable data documents.

Variable data management: Thanks to customization and variable data management solutions, such as PrintShop Mail or Direct Smile, digital technology becomes very important. Such solutions reinforce the message and make each document unique, so that it reflects what the reader wants. Customization becomes child’s play !

Color management and fleet standardization: As your equipment fleet is a key factor for most of your business processes, the smooth operation of all your systems is essential to your operational capability. Any interruption can quickly become a major problem and have a significant impact on your performance. Konica Minolta offers a wide range of services for the management of all your printing and scanning infrastructures. We take care of all the routine maintenance tasks but also, of course, any repair services that may be necessary. In addition, you can count on our support for any other intervention you may need, whether moving a device, updating the firmware and / or driver of a printer, or providing practical training for your users.